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The Love of the Game:

The beginning of our guiding season starts with the best time of year to catch the biggest bass of your life. When the water hits 60 degrees we start guiding, and we go right to the shallows!

Muddy, shallow water is the best time to tie on black or white baits that make a ton of noise. Those big bass can't stand it!

There are so many people that have said "fishing is just too boring". This may be true, if you're just soaking a bobber and worm, but that's not what we do at Found 'Em Fishing! We use artificial baits to make fish react, then strike. Nothing boring about that!

Leave all the technical stuff to your guide. They will sort through all the colors and different baits, and they will be tied on when you show up to your guide.

Bass fishing is a very difficult thing, and takes years of research on fish behaviors, weather patterns and moon phases. We do all the leg work for you by fishing the lake beforehand so we know what the fish are doing on that lake, and what they are eating! New to fishing? NO SWEAT! There are several different techniques for all skill levels, and they all catch fish! Many of the baits that we use are "cast and reel" baits that are fun, keep you interested, and make fish bite, HARD.

How we roll (or float):

We use all Feelfree Kayaks on our guides. They are fantastic boats, at a great price point. There are a large variety of boats to choose from at Feelfree, And every single boat is tailored to a specific kind of paddling or fishing.

We mostly use Pedal Kayaks for our fishing guides, but we also have paddle boats too for the old school paddle enthusiast.

Regardless of the one you choose to use, they are stable, comfortable and reliable on the water.

Waterways on Haywood Road in West Asheville is Feelfree's flagship store. If you love the boat that you take out on our guide, you can head right over to Waterways and get 10% off of a new boat! Found 'Em Fishing and Waterways work together because we love those boats, and we love fishing!

Come on, Ya'll!:

Let us do all the organizing and preparation for a day out on the water with you! When you show up at the boat ramp everything will be all ready, and your boats will be in the water waiting for you.

Your guide can take photos or videos of you fishing or paddling around with your friends and family for lasting memories or social media clout!

When the guide is over feel free to hang around at the ramp while we pack up, or head off to your next adventure!

Our trips are fun, convenient, and tailored to how you want to spend your day on the water!

Come on out with us this spring, you might just catch the bass of a lifetime!

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